Company overview

NK Kron - packager and supplier of centrifugal pumps in Russia and CIS:

  • Established in 1992
  • Location: Tula
  • Production capacity: 300 pump units / year
  • Installed base of more than 1,000 pump units
  • Employees headcount: 90
  • Professional Pump Unit manufacturer
  • The Company's products are used in upstream and downstream oil and gas, petrochemicals and chemistry (70% of sales)

Key customers:

  • The Company's products are used in upstream and downstream oil and gas, petrochemicals and chemistry (98% of sales)
  • More than 500 end users

Company structure:

  • Management team have long expirience in pumps business including complicated EPC Oil&Gas projects with International EPC's

Cover all
Russia&CIS area

Strategic partnership

  • Expirience of authorized Sales and Service representative of largest world pump manufacturers helps to improve the quality of internal processes
  • Localized production that meets all the requirements of major domestic customers (incl. Import substitution program)
  • Unique highly specialized equipment with the latest pump industry know-how

Product portfolio

Centrifugal pumps for upstream and downstream oil and gas, chemicals and petrochemicals

1. API (Oil & Gas)
MHXA Series
MBH Series
MMH Series
MMP Series
HBK Series
2. Chemical
MHXA Series
MHXB Series
MHXC Series
MHXL Series
3. Power & Mining
MHC Series
MHX Series
HBK Series
4. water
N Series
MHX Series
MMP Series

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2016-2017 Company took strategic decision to change business focus from own produced CNS pumps to cooperation with World Leading pump manufacturers and concentrate on Selection, Adaptation to Russian Standards, Packaging, Start-UP and Service installed base. This business model change based on long experience on Pump market allowed company to multiply revenue and establish strong base for future grow.

Key Strategy drivers:

  • Competitive price level based on TOP level World pump technology combined with Locally sourced components;
  • Russian pump unit in accordance with Import substitution government program;
  • Local service support for customers based on access to international KnowHow of Pump service and repair technology;
  • Flexibility of production capacity due to possibility to use all worldwide sub-suppliers;

Production site

Fully equipped to cover all packaging needs


  • Production capacity: 300 pump units
  • Total area:
    - land plot: 4 660 m2 (rent)
    - workshop: 1 000 m2
    - warehouse: 600 m2
    - office: 400 m2
  • Sections: assembly, fine tuning, calibration, testing, packaging
  • Service network
  • PMI procedures;
  • Supplier control procedures;
  • Full coverage with QA/QC procedures;
  • ITP based on customer requrements;
  • English/Russian documentation package
  • GOST/ISO standards

Production facilities